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Article 11
Board meetings will be called whenever necessary to discuss
  matters pertinent to the club, and are not open to normal members. Membership
  Meetings will be held for club members to discuss all current and new issues, at
  the behest of the committee. The members of the club will meet every month
  without being compelled unless stated. The next meeting place will be
  announced in the meetings

At least four full membership meetings must be held every year. This is besides
  the annual general meeting.
Annual general meeting must take place annually at which a new board
  will be elected. I will be held on January every year.
Proxy voting is permitted
For Proxy voting member have to submit a proxy form.

Article 11 b

Members to be in arrears for membership fees  of 3 month or more, or
absent in  3 monthly meetings in raw without excuse will  be expelled from the Club.

Article 12
These Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the
members attending any meeting of the club, provided that notice of
the proposed amendment has been supplied to members of the club at least
30 days prior to the annual meeting date.