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• The patch remains the property of the club, should a member resigns from
  the club, they may not take the patch or any part of the design with them.
• If the member wear the patch, he and the pillion has to wear helmet by riding
  and agree to „No drink and drive“.

Article 9
• There will be a monthly member fee of Peso 300 for active members
   and peso 200 for inactive members, The application fee for active members
   is peso 2000 and includes the club patch. No application fee for inactive
  and  lifetime members. Also no monthly fee for lifetime members.
• Additional patch for pillion , peso 1500. The monthly fees are
  payable yearly, half yearly or quarterly. By yearly payment the fee will be discounted
  for members to 3000 peso and for inactive members to 2000 peso annual.

Article 10
Banking Account:
• A banking account is open in the name of the club, and will be administrated
  by the President, vice President and treasurer, who are accountable to the
  board on all financial matters. There will be three signatories to the cheque
  with any two signatories being able to sign.
• In the time before seek registration the account can be open under
  Presidents and treasurer names.