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Article 7
Decision Making:
All decisions concerning the club, and/or its members will be based on a
majority vote taken by the board or if need be at a full membership meeting.
Proxy's are admitted.
The president will intervene if necessary in the case of a stalemate.

Article 8
Club Colours of the BOHOL BIKERS (patch/badge):
No other badges to be worn on the back. All other badges must be
worn on the front.
The members name must be on the front top left.
A full riding member has the option to purchase a second set of Colours
for his/her partner/pillion rider. The pillion will not have his/ her name on
the front of the jacket. This member is responsible for that person as an
affiliate who will not be recognized as a full member and will have no
voting rights.
The pillion rider can only wear the patch when riding with a member rider.
That jacket with the patch must always be in the possession of the member
rider if not in use.