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• No “backstabbing” or “skinnering” behind other members’ backs is
permitted. Have the courage to confront people face to face or take it to an
board member.

• Honor the Colours you wear. The reputation of the Club is in the
members’ hands and only they can give the Club a good or bad reputation
• Any person shall, upon ceasing to be a member of the Club, forfeit all right
to any claims against the Club and its property and funds. He/she shall return
all Club badges issued to him/her and shall not be entitled to any refund.

• The Club shall in no way be liable for any damages in respect of injuries or
losses sustained by a member, whether due to the negligence of the members
or any third party

• Riders should be in possession of a valid motor cycle riding license or else
club will assist the rider to acquire a license.
• All new members will be required to pay for their colours before it is handed
to them.

• Although members pay for their colours, the colours must be handed back
to the club in case of a member’s resignation or disqualification. The member
will not be reimbursed for the colours.

• We don’t consider ourselves territorial .When it comes to territory, we
practice a “live and let live” philosophy, which we interpret as“respect
begets respect.”We are not 1%-ers.