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• Every applicant’s application as a member of the Club shall be proposed
by one member of the Club and seconded by another member of the Club,
and the applicants’ name, occupation and usual place of residence shall be
recorded on the application form. No member shall propose or second an
applicant not personally known to them.

• To qualify for colours, the prospective member will have to be accepted
by the board and then voted in by a majority of the members.
At least 51% of the minimum of 10 present members.

• Should the conduct of any member in the opinion of the Club board, be
improper or incompatible with the interests of the Club, or should any
member be guilty of offensive conduct, or have committed a breach of the
rules of the constitution or by-laws of the Club, such member shall appear
before the board and shall at the discretion of the Board, be suspended for
a time agreed upon or be requested by the President to hand in his/her
written resignation. Should the member fail to resign within seven days of
such request, the board may expel the member.
The decision of the board shall be final and binding and an expelled member
may not be re-elected as a member of the Club, without the consent of the
majority of members present at a meeting of members.

• There is to be no fighting or verbal abuse amongst Club members.
• None club members must not be involved in any dispute or altercation between
Club members. Problems are to be brought to the board
and will be sorted out in private.