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Article 5.b
President: (Chairperson) To provide leadership, conduct meetings, call
meetings if necessary, to oversee the smooth running of the club and to promote
the club.

Article 5.c
Vice President (internal & external positions)
Shall perform the duties of the president in his absence.
Shall assist all other Club officers when necessary.

Article 5.d
Secretary: To record club meetings, send out invites and have a full status
of the membership. Provide all necessary documents for seek and BIR

Article 5.e
Treasurer: To ensure the administration of finances, keep proper records,
to fundraise, collect membership when necessary and to ensure the club is
in a good financial state. He shall be able to show an all meetings the financial status
of the Club

Article 5.f
Road Captain (Nominated for single events)
Shall lead Club riders, affirm the route, and set the method of riding on the road.
Shall instruct all Club riders as to where they shall ride.
Shall be responsible for reporting riders in attendance on all Club rides to the Club.
Shall be responsible for researching, organizing, and posting Club rides.