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Article 1
The Name/ Colours

The club will be called BOHOL BIKERS Motorcycle Club and the club’s
colures show the blood compact of the treaty of friendship between
Datu Sikatuna, a chieftain in Bohol and Spanish explorer Miguel López de Legazpi.
The sun and the chocolate hills with the south china sea in the background.

Article 2
Club Purpose

Our primary goal in becoming a Motorcycle Club is to:
• Promote safe riding, camaraderie, a common interest in motorcycle riding and
  the support of the riding community.
• Serve as a social and recreational club.
• Will organize and attend biking and other events.
• Develop a relationship between the community and other local and int. clubs.
• Improve the lives of our community and assist those in need.
• The club will run under the most basic of rules with common biking ethics
   and values being the guiding principles of the club.
The club is a non Profit organisation.

Article 3 Credence
The club will run on the basic principles of non-racialism and democracy.
The club is non political. Membership in the club shall be without regard to race,
color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or handicap. We are not territorial or 1%er.